Vintage Golf – A Timeless Golf Swing Aid Masterpiece

Golf Swing Book - Ben Hogan's Five Lessons Golf Swing Book

Trust me on this one. This is another Golf Swing Aid Book that you must add to your collection. It’s a Vintage Golf Classic, written in 1957, that still stands the test of time. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, claims that…..


This particularly, will suit those of you who are new to the game, and are seeking clear and detailed instructions on the fundemantals of the game. With excellent diagrams throughout. This book concentrates on creating a repeating swing that you can take to the course.

Bill Noesges of Kansas Says this about it….

Repeat GET IT NOW and it will, without a doubt IMPROVE YOUR GAME and outlook on golf 10 fold! I have had and read this book like a bible over the past 3 months and I will tell you unequivocally, It is simply the best book on what makes a golf swing a TRUE golf swing. I have been a golfer for 20 years and through all the articles I have read, any lessons I have taken, none have come close to breaking down what the mechanics of a golf swing truly are.
This book takes you from the start to a finish of a solid fundamental golf swing. As every individual has their own style, I would recommend once you learn these basics, make your own minor adjustments to suit your own physical limitations due to factors such as flexibility and body size.
Now I have to tell you, I am slow to comprehend and grasp new ideas but once I catch them, if they are indeed true, I embrace and preach upon them like a priest in the church. This book is a true awakening for a golfer and what it takes to make a real golf swing.
The amazing results of this book and what a golfer actually experiences when making a true swing as a result of the study of this book are absolutely astonishing. You should make this book your BIBLE to a great golf swing. The results you see (and feel) will leave you in total awe of how simple a great golf swing is and how easily it can be accomplished.
I endorse this book 100% and promise you will not be disappointed. Indeed you will be delighted and your game will see the dawn of a new day.
5 ***** book. A MUST for every golfer

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