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Swingyde – The ‘Perfect Plastic’ Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde - Golf Swing Training Aid


I can’t believe I get this excited a bout a piece of yellow plastic, (though be warned it also comes in black!).

The Swingyde, as well as being the simplest of golf swing training aids, is also one of the cheapest, next to Dave Pelz’s P3 Balls and the iPhone Golf Swing Tempo Application. It WILL help you increase impact speed, ensure correct swing path, help you develop a late release of the club head at impact. If you are a slicer it ‘may’ cure your slice. Now I say may, because there are a multitude of possible causes for your slice.

There’s a sense of huge disappointment when this thing first arrives at your door. Upon opening the package, you get a cheap looking piece of plastic, a wing nut, a second rate sweat band, and a short Jim Flick video describing the use of the Swingyde…..Do Not Be Fooled!….. Continue reading

Golf Swing Aid – Talking Balls!

Golf Swing Aids - Dave Pelz Practice Balls

I just love these balls.

They allow you to practice practically anywhere, and are the official golf ball for ‘Urban Golf’ competition.

What’s great about them is that you get a third of the actual flight of your real golf ball. Therefore, you can make your backyard practice meaningful,l in terms of distance, while at the same time, keeping your word to the wife, that you won’t be breaking any windows.

You can even draw and fade them. Way better than those awful whiffle balls, that give you next to no feed back.

Almost GOLF Point3 Practice Golf Balls feature:

  • Solid core of cross-linked foam creates enough weight (13.5 grams) for limited distance performance
  • 1/8 mm dimples for true trajectory and flight
  • Solid core and internal pressure simulate real ball flight
  • Travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball
  • Perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory, accuracy
  • Extremely soft, making it backyard safe
  • Out-performs wiffle and blown plastic balls

Try these out at the best price by clicking here… Dave Pelz Almost Golf Point 3 Balls

Even our cats love ’em!


iPhone App for Golf Swing Tempo

Golf Swing Tempo – iPod App

You will see from my blogs that I am a huge fan of the underrated subject of golf swing speed, as well as golf swing tempo.

Here’s an application for those of you out there who are lucky enough to have an iPhone. It is without a doubt, the cheapest (Not including iPhone purchase of course) Golf Swing Aid that you will see on our blog.

At an amazing $1.99 at time of writing, this looks like the golf swing aid bargain of the year!

It would appear to follow the exact same principle as underlined in Golf Tour Tempo. Why wouldn’t it….after all, it’s proven.

Set your ideal golf swing tempo on your iPhone. Then practice your swing as you swing in sync to the tempo. Use MyGolfSwing anywhere – in your office, in your home or anywhere you can swing your arms to its tempo, even without a club. Use MyGolfSwing on the driving range, practice green or even while you are playing golf. You can even set it up to repeat, for the same number of balls that you just ordered on the range……Insane!

What I love as well, is that you can actually select the PGA pro of your choice, from the library, so that you can swing to the exact tempo as, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, etc.

You can see a demo of this app in action, as well as purchase the download at

I’m counting on some of you lucky iPhone owners to filed test this app on my behalf.

Please let me know how you get on with it.

Steve Snead