Swing Like Tiger Woods – ‘Swing Like A Pro’

When you take your game to the course, do you want to swing like a pro?

Are you a ‘Feel’ Golfer? Then best stay clear of this book!

Or are you (like me), a golfer who loves all of the technical elements of the golf swing?

If so, then this is a must have Golf Swing Book for your collection. In fact, without a doubt my favorite golf book of all time is the excellent ‘Swing Like A Pro’, by Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin. Published in 1998 after 17 Years of detailed research.

Swing Like A Pro - Golf Swing Aid Book - Golf Swing Books

However, a word of caution…This is probably not the book for you if you are new to the game of golf. If though, you have a reasonable understanding of your golf swing then this may be the book to take you to the next level.

What this book will do is dispel many of the golf “Myths” that you will read (or hear) from other sources. Myths such as…..

Impact position is the same as address position. (Even Tiger makes this claim in his excellent book ‘How I Play Golf’). Swinging in a barrel, Arms stay connected. Arms lead the swing. The Neutral Grip. Swing Plane theory etc….Yes, all these myths and more are scientifically proven to be untrue.

In order to write this book, Dr. Mann computer analyzed the swings of more than a 100 PGA and LPGA tour players. So their computer generated model includes Al Geiberger’s swing, Payne Stewart’s swing, Jack Nicklaus’s Swing, Davis Love III’s swing…to name a few.

They computer analyzed every part of the body, through every part of the swing. What transpired from their findings was that, the transitional move from Backswing to downswing, is THE magic moment in a golf swing.

To quote, “The transition move (the change of direction from backswing to downswing), is the one movement in golf in which the Pro and the amateur golfer differ dramatically. If there is an aspect of the full swing that can be labeled the chief determinant of distance, accuracy, and consistency, the transition move is it.”…..

So if you didn’t realize that your hips should be moving forwards, starting the downswing while your arms, hands and clubhead are still moving backwards to the top of the swing, then this book is a must read.

The book has excellent drills for every element of the golf swing. Backed up with hundreds of detailed photo’s and 175 animated 3D stills of the computer generated pro to further enhance

As I said earlier though, read this one at your peril. It’s very technical.

In fact, if you haven’t read Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons yet. Then this may be a better suggestion to read, before you delve into the pages of ‘Swing Like A Pro’.

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Do Golf Swing Aids Really Improve Your Golf Game?

Maybe you think it’s about time to break apart from golf. You may love the game, but you are frustrated because no matter how much practice you put into the game, it just does not seem to improve. Maybe you’re already a fair player but you’ve hit a plateau and can’t break through it. If these scenarios are your situation, then you should continue to read. We will talk about how golf swing aids may just be the solution for you.

There is no shortage of golf swing aids on the market today. Golf is an expensive sports as well as a hobby. Golfers spend some big money on products if they can improve the enjoyment of the game. You and the manufacturers of these products know this. Also technological advancements make golf swing aids more beneficial.

Different kinds of golf swing aids emerge. Some golf swing aids claim to fix just about any issue with your golf swings. For example, there are aids that can help you to align your swing. Other aids may help adjust your wrist and arm position throughout the entire range of motion. You can even get golf swing aids that ensure that you take advantage of a full range of golfing motion. Golf swing simulators help you to improve your power and accuracy. Other devices may act as driving range simulators. These devices have sensors that tell you how far and straight your shots are. Continue reading

Swingyde – The ‘Perfect Plastic’ Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde - Golf Swing Training Aid


I can’t believe I get this excited a bout a piece of yellow plastic, (though be warned it also comes in black!).

The Swingyde, as well as being the simplest of golf swing training aids, is also one of the cheapest, next to Dave Pelz’s P3 Balls and the iPhone Golf Swing Tempo Application. It WILL help you increase impact speed, ensure correct swing path, help you develop a late release of the club head at impact. If you are a slicer it ‘may’ cure your slice. Now I say may, because there are a multitude of possible causes for your slice.

There’s a sense of huge disappointment when this thing first arrives at your door. Upon opening the package, you get a cheap looking piece of plastic, a wing nut, a second rate sweat band, and a short Jim Flick video describing the use of the Swingyde…..Do Not Be Fooled!….. Continue reading

Vintage Golf – A Timeless Golf Swing Aid Masterpiece

Golf Swing Book - Ben Hogan's Five Lessons Golf Swing Book

Trust me on this one. This is another Golf Swing Aid Book that you must add to your collection. It’s a Vintage Golf Classic, written in 1957, that still stands the test of time. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, claims that…..


This particularly, will suit those of you who are new to the game, and are seeking clear and detailed instructions on the fundemantals of the game. With excellent diagrams throughout. This book concentrates on creating a repeating swing that you can take to the course. Continue reading

Golf Swing Aid – Talking Balls!

Golf Swing Aids - Dave Pelz Practice Balls

I just love these balls.

They allow you to practice practically anywhere, and are the official golf ball for ‘Urban Golf’ competition.

What’s great about them is that you get a third of the actual flight of your real golf ball. Therefore, you can make your backyard practice meaningful,l in terms of distance, while at the same time, keeping your word to the wife, that you won’t be breaking any windows.

You can even draw and fade them. Way better than those awful whiffle balls, that give you next to no feed back.

Almost GOLF Point3 Practice Golf Balls feature:

  • Solid core of cross-linked foam creates enough weight (13.5 grams) for limited distance performance
  • 1/8 mm dimples for true trajectory and flight
  • Solid core and internal pressure simulate real ball flight
  • Travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball
  • Perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory, accuracy
  • Extremely soft, making it backyard safe
  • Out-performs wiffle and blown plastic balls

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Even our cats love ’em!